Security Cabins

MSPV Security Guard Cabins are designed to procure protection and comfort where guards’ presence is required in high threat areas. Available in dimensions to suit all purposes, they can be fitted with generator, air-conditioning, video-monitoring systems, communication systems etc. Intercom Systems and Safe-Trays for collecting and handing over documents can be specified. Let us know your requirements and we will design and fabricate a tailor-made Security Cabin.

Available in various levels of protection including B4+, B6 and B7.


Check-Point, Guard and Sentry Boxes

  • • Available as fully-welded permanent assemblies or mechanically assembled to allow for disassembly for ease of relocation (depending on model and protection level).
  • All doors and windows overlapped with the main cabin structure.
  • All weld-joints or assembly lines overlapped.
  • Single- and multiple-room designs available.

• certified ballistic steel and glass • various sizes • transportable • b6 protection level

MSPV uses exclusive armouring materials ballistically certified by independent laboratories. Glass and steel are tested and certified according to European and international standards. Each batch of steel is tested as part of the normal quality control process of our suppliers, and random samples of the sheets delivered to MSPV are once more submitted for testing by the Beschussamt Munich in Germany.

Beyond this strict quality control process, MSPV regularly submits raw materials and assembly samples for ballistic testing by Beschussamt Munich to assess the limits of the materials and the efficiency of proposed assembly solutions. Welds, bolted assemblies, overlap solutions etc. are tested in this way prior to being used in production.