Armored/ Bulletproof Vehicles Supplier in Kenya

Armored/ Bulletproof Vehicles Supplier in Kenya

Armored Bulletproof Vehicles Kenya - Toyota Fortuner

MSPV is a leading supplier of trustworthy Armored or Bulletproof Vehicles, Cars, SUV in Kenya. The wide expertise of our team allows us to arrange armoring for many different purposes, such as commercial vehicles, VIP protection, luxurious vehicles or personnel transportation. MSPV vehicles are made to withstand bullets, bombs and other means of violent attack.

MSPV develops a range of Armored or Bulletproof Vehicles solutions to keep you safe and secure on the road of Kenya. MSPV offers bulletproof protection for all types of model of vehicles available in market.

Armored Bulletproof Vehicles Kenya - Lexus LX 570

MSPV have an excellent reputation for supplying Armored or Bulletproof Vehicles to Kenya for emergency services, civil service, military and other security focused organizations in. We understand that the security need of individuals, our armoring options can be tailored for your own demands.

MSPV Bulletproof SUV enables the passengers to get away from dangerous conditions and find a safe place. MSPV Company has been recognized in armoring industry with many satisfied customers worldwide. Ensure your safety of your loved ones. Travel safely with Bulletproof Vehicles from MSPV.  Contact us at +254 202 400318 or draft emails on or visit

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