Armoured Patrol Vehicles Security Vehicles, Police Vehicles Venezuela

Armoured Patrol Vehicles Security Vehicles, Police Vehicles Venezuela

MSPV supply Panthera – Armoured Patrol Vehicles to Venezuela Defense Ministry, Police & Security Agencies. They are used Panthera for different mission variants including patrol, convoy protection, personnel transport as well as command and control missions …

MSPV Armoured Patrol Vehicles are designed to help military personnel complete the most dangerous operations in the most rugged terrains. Individuals are more likely to survive in MSPV APVs as they move around to carry out their patrol operations.

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MSPV Armoured patrol vehicle is used to monitor all the areas that need careful watch by military personnel. Sometimes, patrols are needed to stand guard over certain areas, such as border checkpoints. In some cases, patrolling is necessary to send communications to other military officials. Other times, patrolling is necessary to keep unruly civilians under control.

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MSPV Panthera is most advanced light armored vehicles and excellence in various military missions. In addition to its unmatched level of protection, the Panthera provides increased payload and crew capacity. Our Panthera have capability to meet today’s and tomorrow’s requirements of military forces.

armoured-patrol-vehicle-Venezuela Venezuela T6V8

MSPV is a proven and reliable Armored Personnel Carriers and Armoured vehicles manufacturer. The company has been very successful on the international market over the past years selling its Panthera – Armoured Vehicles to Military, Police, Defense, Law Enforcement and Homeland Security Missions. For more information, contact us at +971 4 425 1761 or draft emails on or visit

armoured-personnel-carriers-Venezuela Panthera-T6-V8 armoured-personnel-carriers-Venezuela Panthera T6-5Dr Armoured-Light-patrol-vehicle-Venezuela T6V8 armoured-personnel-carriers-Venezuela Panthera-T2 armoured-patrol-vehicle-panthera-t4 armoured-personnel-carriers-Venezuela panthera-T6-3-DR light-armoured-personnel-carriers-Venezuela panthera-T6-3-DR