Armoured Military and Defense Vehicles Uruguay

Armoured Military and Defense Vehicles Uruguay

MSPV supply Armoured Defense and Military Vehicles to Defense Ministry, Security Agencies, Police Department and Government of Uruguay. MSPV have more than 10 years of experience of armoring tactical and commercial vehicles for military and special operations forces with understanding of field challenges and requirements for mission success. All our vehicles are designed to offer exceptional mobility, with protected variants exploiting state-of-the-art protection technologies.

Our ranges of Defense & Security vehicles offer optimal protection, mobility and versatility for all armed forces operators and police forces. They combine large payload, rusticity and autonomy, all to guarantee success in the most demanding missions.

To prepare our vehicles for the most hostile environments and to ensure they meet the highest standards of safety, our vehicles undergo extreme ballistics testing. MSPV Company is a specializes in the design and production of armored all-terrain military vehicles for a wide range of applications, including border patrol and peace-keeping, personnel carriers and medical evacuation.

armoured-personnel-carriers Uruguay Panthera-F9

MSPV designed armored vehicles to meet the requirements of a high mobility, light weight armored vehicle for military and law enforcement agencies. It is also well suited as a border patrol vehicle and has earned its reputation of safely transporting troops in high risk regions

We design multi-purpose armored vehicles with versatile designs, configurations and extra features, and offer customized vehicle solutions to suit different terrains and requirements.  Our Armoured Defense Vehicles provide superior performance for military, security and commercial needs.

armoured-personnel-carriers Uruguay Panthera-F10

MSPV armored solutions that are tested on-site and by militaries to ensure that protection, cost and weight are balanced and optimized to protect against a range of threats, including ballistic, mine-blast and Improvised Explosive Devices (IED).

armoured-personnel-carriers Uruguay Panthera-AL8

As a worldwide defense partner, MSPV has earned the trust of governments, corporations and individual for over 10 years. This trust is only as good as the solutions we provide and our global experience, research and design expertise has lead to the development of a complete line up of proven defense solutions designed to exceed the need in the harshest conditions. Our dedicated research and development team is also to design nearly any custom configuration you might require.

light-armoured-personnel-carriers Uruguay panthera-T6-3-DR

As a partner of many governments & defense organizations, our commitment to providing safe and reliable armored vehicles to them. For more information, contact us at +971 4 425 1761 or draft emails on or visit

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