Armoured or Bulletproof Pickup Truck Uruguay

Armoured or Bulletproof Pickup Truck Uruguay

MSPV is a leading supplier of Armored or Bulletproof Pickup Truck to Uruguay. MSPV designed Armored Pickup Trucks for law enforcement, Military Clients, Security Companies and Transport Agencies of Uruguay. Our Bulletproof Pickup Trucks are popular all over the world for a huge variety of uses and often used in dangerous parts of the world.
MSPV Armoured Pickup provides superior on- and off-road performance for military, security and commercial needs. We fully armored pickup with increased road clearance, reinforced suspension and heavy duty chassis provide long operation life despite the increased weight. MSPV Armored heavy-duty pickup truck chassis can withstand the harshest road and weather conditions, as well as impacts from bullets and blasts.

Armoured Pickup Truck Uruguay ford-f-350

You can expect the same comfort and luxury even after our armoring process. There is no compromise on the safety here at MSPV, we prioritize safety over everything. Our pickup trucks are used for military purpose, Cargo carriers for valuable transit as well as conveys protection vehicle for VIP’s and Security companies.

Armoured Pickup Truck Uruguay Toyota Land Cruiser 79

MSPV armored pickup offers the same level of mobility, durability, and reliability, with the added benefit of armoring. MSPV armored pickup provide finest bullet-resistant protection and innovative armoring solutions. No matter what type of protection you have in mind, from B4 to B6+, our creative engineers can come up with a solution. We can armour the chassis of your choice to withstand hostile conditions during valuable goods transport.

Armoured Pickup Trucks Uruguay Toyota Land Cruiser 79

MSPV Armored or Bulletproof Pickup Truck  are highly helpful people in African, Asian & Middle-East Countries to tackle unfriendly roads due to their reliability and durability. For more information, contact us at +971 4 425 1761 or draft emails on or visit