Armoured Personnel Carrier in Venezuela

Armoured Personnel Carrier in Venezuela

MSPV supply Armoured Personnel Carrier to Military & Government of Venezuela. MSPV continues to provide Armoured Personnel Carrier to law enforcement agencies, ministries of defence and other security sectors of Venezuela.

MSPV is specialized in the design, developing and manufacturing of an extensive range of armoured personnel carriers. MSPV provide a new range of protected and armoured personnel carriers to military and security forces from all over the world. All the vehicles are tested not only do they conform to the protection level intended but also to the highest quality. MSPV continues to develop and design new protected and armoured vehicles offering high performances, stability, protection and manoeuvrability.

MSPV Armored Personnel Carrier equips with advanced defense solutions to enhance vehicle’s ability to accomplish its mission in a secure and efficient way. Among available security solutions are remote weapon systems, turrets, escape hatches, video surveillance equipment, night vision systems and many other.

MSPV Panthera is an Armoured Personnel Carrier suited for military and homeland security missions such as patrol, convoy protection, troop transport, law enforcement and peacekeeping. Armoured personnel carrier is constructed of certified ballistic steel and features a modular design, which can be configured as per specific needs.

armoured-personnel-carriers Venezuela Panthera F9

MSPV is a supplier of armouring solutions for military and homeland security. Many African, Asian & European Countries buy MSPV Armoured Personnel Carrier to equip for police forces, armored troops, peacekeeping and anti-terrorism.

armoured-personnel-carriers Venezuela Panthera-K24

MSPV is working Partner of Ministry of Defence, Special Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies of various countries. We are tremendously proud of this achievement and the commitment of our partners and employees to deliver world-class solutions to our customers. For more information, contact us at +971 4 425 1761 or draft emails on or visit

light-armoured-personnel-carriers-Venezuela panthera-T-6f light armoured-personnel-carriers-Venezuela panthera-T6-3-DR armoured-personnel-carriers-Venezuela Panthera-T6-V8 armoured-personnel-carriers-Venezuela Panthera-S10 armoured-personnel-carriers-Venezuela Panthera T6-5Dr light- armoured-personnel carriers-Venezuela panthera-T-6f armoured-personnel-carriers-Venezuela Panthera S8 armoured-personnel-carriers-Venezuela Panthera N6 armoured-personnel-carriers-Venezuela Panthera F10 armoured-personnel-carriers-Venezuela Panthera AL 8 armoured-personnel-carriers-Venezuela Light-patrol-vehicle-T2V8 armoured-personnel-carriers-PANTHERA-T6-V8-1 armoured-personnel-carriers-Panthera-N6 armoured-personnel-carriers Venezuela Panthera-AL8 armoured-personnel carriers-Venezuela Panthera-AL8 Armoured-Light-patrol-vehicle-Venezuela T6V8 armoured-personnel-carriers-Venezuela Panthera-T2 armoured-personnel-carriers-Venezuela Panthera AL8 armoured-patrol-vehicle-panthera-t4 armoured personnel-carriers-Venezuela panthera-F9 armoured-personnel-carriers-Venezuela panthera-T6-3-DR armoured-personnel-carriers-Venezuela Panthera-AL8 armoured-personnel-carriers-Venezuela Panthera F10