Special Projects

Heavy construction machinery such as Volvo CE’s star product, the articulated hauler (pictured here the A30D), Kawasaki’s articulated loader (here the 95 ZIII and ZIV) and Caterpillar’s tracked bulldozer (pictures to come) can be armoured by Minerva Special Purpose Vehicles to offer protection in high risk areas or for demining purposes.

Also available from MSPV are custom-built passenger buses, ranging in small, medium or full-sized configurations. Popular choices being Mitsubishi Rosa’s or Nissan PKB, the engineering at Ares does not limit to smaller configurations as evidenced by our recently designed and released Ashok Leyland High-Occupancy Bus.

• state-of-the-art welding • professionally integrated • various protection levels

other construction equipment and heavy machinery, and other levels of protection available

Discreet bolt-on safe-boxes for the transport of cash, jewellery and other valuables. Fit in the cargo compartment of the SUV and can be hidden from view using dark tinted windows. Heavy-gauge steel construction and coded safety-lock as standard. Electronic safety-lock available as an option. Available in short or long versions, preserving the first two seat-rows or maximising safe-box capacity.

GPS-tracking devices, monitoring equipment with video-recording, communications equipment, concealed strobe-lights, siren and P-A systems etc available as options. Passenger compartment can be armoured to levels B4, B6 or B7.