Armoured or Bulletproof Bus Spain

Armoured or Bulletproof Bus  Spain

Armoured or Bulletproof Bus Spain
MSPV Armoured or Bulletproof Bus  is first choice for many security companies or other organizations of Spain for transportation of passengers in hostile environments. MSPV Armoured Bus interior can be fully customized to suit particular customer requirements.

Armoured Bus Spain

MSPV Bulletproof Bus  used by oil and gas company employees, private security companies, prisoner transport and international sports teams of Spain. MSPV Armoured bus can easily withstand an ambush or attack and in many cases, they can even stand up to improvised explosive devices and mines. MSPV armoured bus  gives the ability to transport large groups in complete security while still being easy to drive and control.

Armoured Bus Spain coaster-2017

Armouring is available up to the B6 level, while retaining the original exterior appearance of the soft-skin vehicle. Our vehicle designers are continually looking for new ways to increase and improve the security level of our bulletproof vehicles.

Armoured Passenger Bus SPAIN

We can ship our Armored or Bulletproof Bus to any location in the world, and we will make sure you receive your vehicle in a timely fashion. We look forward to introducing you to the many bus options available to you, and to providing you with an armoured vehicle that provides unmatched security and performance. For more information, contact us at +971 4 425 1761 or draft emails on or visit

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