Armouring Company In Uruguay

Armouring Company In Uruguay

MSPV leading armouring companies in Uruguay, we are capable of developing specialized Military-Grade Armoured Vehicles, Bulletproof Civilian Cars, SUV, Armoured Personnel Carrier, Cash in Transit Vehicles, Armoured Bus & Ambulance, Light Patrol Vehicles and Security Cabins.  We have satisfied customers in the Uruguay and we are looking to expand into new regions.

MSPV is a one of the most trusted armouring companies in Uruguay. MSPV specialized in the complete armoring process, which consists in designing, engineering, manufacturing, and delivering vehicles that protect you against explosions, ballistics, projectiles, and forced entry.

Our vehicles are the perfect choice for a variety of customers including military , International Police Forces , peacekeeping forces, police forces, border patrols, security companies, NGO’s, embassies, Law Enforcements and all organizations and individuals living and working in high-risk environments. Our vehicles provide 360° protection from ceiling to floor and all vertical panels. Only premium quality and certified materials are used for our manufacturing processes.

During the manufacturing process, only certified ballistic materials are used that meet our quality standards. Our Vehicle Manufacturing department rolls out several hundred civilian armored vehicles every year. We manufacture vehicles armored from B4 to B7 level as per CEN standards. Most of MSPV armored vehicles are manufactured to B6 level of armor.  We also follow NATO, STANAG, Uruguayn GOST and any other specific standards as required by the customer.

Depending on the level of protection and location of our customers, armoring a vehicle is between 4 to 5 weeks. We customize vehicles with some of the highest grade materials available on the market, including aramid, armored glass and high-strength steel to ensure that a vehicle is protected against threats including military grade and high-power small arms fire.

MSPV is armoring company that ensures the security of all makes and models of automotive rides while maintaining its original aesthetics, appearance and performance. MSPV is work with International consultants and partners to constantly upgrade and update our designs and keep up with the demands of the times. We achieve to meet specialized security needs that will ensure our armoring will protect you when your life is on the line.

We have the capability to customize and adapt to the ever-changing needs for multi-purpose armored vehicles. For more information, contact us at +971 4 425 1761 or draft emails on or visit